Annual Finalists and Winners in WfMC Global Awards for Excellence in Case Management

In 2011, WfMC inaugurated a Global Awards program for Adaptive Case Management (ACM) case studies to recognize and focus upon ACM use cases. Adaptive Case Management represents a new approach to supporting knowledge workers in today's leading edge organizations. ACM provides secure, social collaboration to create and adapt goal-oriented activities that enable informed decision-making using federated business data and content.

If you are a service provider, the Awards are important to you if your product or service helps people coordinate their tasks. The WfMC Case Management Excellence Awards are about ANY technology that supports ad-hoc task tracking and information sharing. They are designed to help show how flexible, task-tracking software is increasingly used by knowledge workers with unpredictable work patterns.

Nominate your own or your customers' success stories. Your case study could be published in the next book on featuring Knowledge Worker succes stories...Click here for Entry Guidelines and Registration.

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How to Enter

Click here for Guidelines and Registration.

After registration, simply answer these three questions in a short abstract to ensure you have a qualifying ACM case study:

  • Who (by roles within the organization) are the users of the system?
  • What area(s) of the business does the Case Management System affect?
  • Why should this submission be considered a successful case study?

Upon receipt, we'll supply you with an easy Q&A template that you can simply complete and return your 6 to 10 page submission to us by deadline.

Awards Guidelines

Submissions are open to entrants worldwide and a vendor /consultant may nominate a customer and any company may submit their own case study.

There is no limit to the number of entries you can submit. Each entry requires a separate entry form and $250 handling fee.

Winners and Finalists receive worldwide recognition by having their case studies published in the next book on Adaptive Case Management to release in the Fall.

Announcements 2014

June 17: Award Winners announced
May 28: Finalists announced

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