The Adaptive Case Management Awards are now part of the 
WfMC Awards for Excellence in Business Transformation.

Winners will be announced on
Tuesday December 11 at 12.00 EST.

Date: Tuesday December 11, 2018
Time: 12:00 PM EST / 5:00 PM GMT / 09:00 AM PST
Where: Winners will be announced at live online ceremony, free via Webex Webinar.
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The project team, your customers and colleagues can attend from wherever they have access to the internet - on computers or mobile devices. We will present a live webinar via Webex.


These awards are designed to highlight and showcase the best examples of technology and business practice to support knowledge workers.

The Annual WfMC Case Management Excellence Awards

Do you have an interesting case study about Case Management or Knowledge Work innovation?

Technology providers can nominate their customers and technology users can present their own use cases and teams.

As adaptive case management (ACM) systems mature, we are moving beyond simple systems that allow knowledge workers to define ad hoc processes, to creating more intelligent systems that support and guide them. Knowledge workers still need to dynamically add information, define activities and collaborate with others in order to get their work done, but those are now just the table stakes in a world of big data and intelligent agents. To drive innovation and maintain operational efficiencies, we need to augment case work—typically seen as relying primarily on human intelligence—with machine intelligence.

In other words, we need intelligent ACM—Sandy Kemsley, Foreword to "Intelligent Adaptability"

The awards are designed to help show how flexible, task-tracking software is increasingly used by knowledge workers with unpredictable work patterns. Nominate your customers' success stories here.

We will supply you with our easy Q&A template and helpful guidelines after you complete the contact details on the next page. Simply return your completed the case study template no later than the FINAL deadline. Earlier is better (the judges will have more time to review your entry).

Why you should enter

Imagine your project as a finalist or maybe winner...

-- Your team and your company gain international recognition as industry leaders and innovators...

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-- Your team, your project and your department receive internal recognition, additional project funding and more...

-- Ongoing recognition and awareness of your award by using the official Award Winner logo on all your websites, emails, product literature etc.

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The survey found that 82% of users admitted to being influenced by awards when buying products and services for their business. This statistic varies depending on the product or service under consideration, for example the statistic is 72% for financial services and over 90% for construction services.


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BPM is essential to a company's survival in today's hyper-speed business environment. A key benefit of the Intelligent Adaptability approach to supporting knowledge work and knowledge workers is that it allows users the ability to leverage a very robust set of process- and decision-automation while using a user-centric interface (through the BPMS tier). In this book, we explore how Intelligent Automation can be realized to deliver on the promise of Intelligent Adaptability, expanding the capabilities of ACM beyond what had previously been thought to be the limitations of automation—Nathaniel Palmer, WfMC